Chow With Geisler

Posted by on Sep 29, 2014 in Memorable Movie Moments

Have you seen “Barton Fink?”  If you haven’t, don’t worry…there are no spoilers in this post.  In order for me to include a spoiler, I would have to understand this movie, so, trust me, you are safe.  I confess, “Barton Fink” has me stymied; it is an elusive movie.  It provides just enough imagery, metaphors and frustrating clues to […]

“Some Kind of Wonderful”…the original!

I had always assumed Grand Funk Railroad wrote “Some Kind of Wonderful.”  Nope.  Here’s the original, written and recorded by Soul Brothers Six.  Grand Funk’s version rocks, but the original rolls.  Loud and loose, it is all kinds of wonderful.  Now, can I get a witness? Check it out!…

Highway 49

This is Jim Suhler and Jason Elmore doing “Highway 49,” a performance we shot at the Sons of Hermann Hall in Deep Ellum.  (Jim on the left, Jason on the right.)  A classic blues vocal by Jason and some great slide work from the both of them.  Big Joe Williams would be proud.