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I Take it Personally!

I write and produce videos for corporate communication, company branding, live event support, non-profit organizations and anyone else who needs a creative, professional and, yes, awesome video.  I have a lot of years of experience, going back to my communication degree from Baylor University (with a minor in English and a solid D in Political Science).

For the videos I produce, I don’t use a template; I don’t have a formula.  I start fresh with each project, approaching it as an all-new, blank slate.  I oversee every production, start to finish, doing as much of the work, myself, as possible, while recruiting some very talented people I know for everything else. My years in the business have introduced me to many skilled artists, so I have a large resource to draw from. There will be a lot of creative and enthusiastic people working on your video!  I enjoy my work, but when my clients entrust me with their video (and their budget), it’s an assignment I take very seriously.

So give a call!  Let’s make a video we’re both proud of, and let’s have a lot of fun working on it!