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Visual Media Production

Bringing your message to the screen
Let’s talk about your message and work together to turn it into a great video. I’ll write it, produce it, direct it and deliver it…with the help of some talented, hand-picked photographers, graphics designers, editors and other artists who make me (and you!) look good.

Corporate Communication

Video for the boardroom or ballroom
Videos for any size screen, any size audience—whether it’s one person watching on the web, six employees in a training room or 5,000 attendees at your conference. (For once, I’m not in the picture. I was taking it.)

Writing / Directing / Producing

The Big Three
In addition to the “W.D.P. Hat Trick,” I also know how to make sure all of the other pieces of the puzzle fit together. The right music track, the right voiceover, the right graphics…my job is to put it all together to deliver a professionally-produced, creative video that conveys your message and impresses your audience. (And never let it be said that I don’t know how to set a green screen!)