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This was a choice assignment.  My friend, Pete DeLongchamps (we just call him “Pete D.”), is a Vice President at Group 1 Automotive in Houston.  He said, “Bill, I need a rock and roll video to open our General Manager’s conference in Houston.”  I said, “Pete D., you called the right person.”  To welcome their GMs visiting from the UK, Pete themed the meeting “The British Invasion” and asked me to put together a music video to kick off the Tuesday night dinner and set the tone for a fun, high-energy evening.  I wish I could take all the credit for this video, but I did have a little help from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones (and from Pete D., as it was his idea in the first place).  Please enjoy, and do not be afraid to test the limits of your computer’s speakers.

By the way, yes, I do know that Queen, The Clash and others were not part of 1963/64 British Invasion, but I am giving myself permission to include first-, second- and third-wave British Invaders in this tribute.