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Ever heard of Pink Martini?  No?  You aren’t alone.  In a world where Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj have two or three hits at a time, a band like Pink Martini doesn’t stand a chance.  They perform grown-up music (for grown-ups!), covering several styles and decades of music.  A lot of their material is pretty esoteric and sophisticated, so it almost feels like they’re slumming with “Hey Eugene!,” a straight-up pop song about being young and carefree in New York City and dancing to Rufus.  For a bunch of eclectic cool cats, they can sure write a lighthearted Top 40 hit.  Actually, Top 40 status for this song is wishful thinking on my part; it was not anywhere on the charts.  Shoulda been, though!