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“Hell Yeah”

Lake Street Dive

During these troubled times, one could make the convincing argument that, with the many grim and pressing issues to be discussed and resolved, talking about and sharing pop music like a bunch of teenagers is not helping.  To that I would say, “Agreed.  But it can’t hurt!”

Lake Street Dive is a happy little band from Boston.  I wish they were more well known, but, alas, they ain’t.  Maybe this will earn them a few new fans.  I realize everybody wants something different from their music, but, for me, this is everything a band should be.  Upbeat, clever songs (frequently with a dash of humor), awesome front person/lead singer, the songs are contributed by different band members (it’s not just one person doing all the writing), everybody sings and, above all, they’re having fun.  I saw them perform live, and it was a treat—tons of energy and a lot of shared laughter and camaraderie between the band members on stage.

Here’s a great song from their 2016 album, “Side Pony.” (As in side ponytail, and, yes, there is a fun song about that classic hairstyle on the album.)  In “Hell Yeah,” the singer has attempted to win her intended with the age-old strategy of playing hard-to-get.  It didn’t work.  Okay, new plan:  if given another opportunity, she’ll take a more direct approach.  And if he asks her out, well…you already know the answer.  If you like this song, and if you’re looking for a new band to discover, take a closer look at Lake Street Dive.  You will likely find yourself asking the same question I did: “How did I miss this band?!”